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Follow These Steps to Make Money Online

Many people make money online – and you can be one of them. It’s easy to get started. And in this post you’ll learn how to make money online with WordPress.

1. Start A Blog

The first thing you need to make money online is a blog. When you start a blog you can create your own content and posts. Choose something you’re knowledgeable or passionate about.

One of the most common ways to make money is to add advertisements to your sidebar. Signup for Google Adsense Or you can get paid to write posts (also called sponsored posts). Review products or add them to your articles for a fee.

You can also offer services to other bloggers. Maybe you’re great at creating content and want to write for other blogs, or perhaps you have a knack for styling a website with a theme. Create a list or “menu” of your services and add it to your website.

2. Become an Affiliate

Now that have a blog there you should consider becoming an affiliate for your favorite brands. This way you can make money when people click your links. Many companies offer affiliate programs, you just have to look for the “affiliate” or “partner” program link on their website. However, here are a few more general programs you might be interested in.


ShareASale is a general affiliate marketing platform that many sellers use. This means that you can signup for an account once, then apply to a number of programs using the same account. Many big names participate such as One Kings Lane, StudioPress, ModCloth, Grammarly, Sun Basket, Reebok and more. Similar platforms include CJ affiliate and Impact.

Amazon Affiliates

When looking at affiliate programs do not forget Amazon. With Amazon you can create custom link to anything on their site – including products, ebooks, memberships and more. And you can even build an entire Amazon affiliate WordPress site with the help of a plugin. With amazon the easiest plugin to import Amazon products to your site is AzonPress. In 2 minutes you can have AzonPress installed and connected to your Amazon Associate account. From there you can import products, add tables, allow for product comparisons and more.

3. Build a WooCommerce Store

Instead of just promoting other peoples products you can sell your own! There are a few popular options when it comes to building a store with WordPress, but by and far WooCommerce is the top choice.

This free plugin adds all the e-commerce features you need to your WordPress site. This includes the ability to add products (tangible or digital/downloadable), create coupon codes, add products images and categories, create product variations, accept payments, add taxes, manage shipping (though you might need to look to WooCommerce extensions for this).

And with your a WooCommerce store setup you can even create your own affiliate program for other bloggers to sign up for. Bringing the site monetization full circle!

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